Verslag door LR freelance blogger Marlies Beckers

We’re all smitten for those damn gorgeous Lucky Rocks, but what is it about them that attracts us so much? What do they mean? And how do we know if we’ve chosen the right one for ourselves, let alone for one of our loved ones?


Lucky Rocks founder Charlotte flew in Cornelle Sterk, gemstone specialist and passionate narrator, to guide a workshop. Our intimate group of 12 was mesmerized after 5 minutes by Cornelle’s fascinating story. In a cosy room overlooking Antwerp’s Grote Markt with Christmas lights glistening we learned that all things on earth are made from atoms with the same DNA structure. Whether it’s an animal, a flower or even a chair they all have exactly the same DNA components as human beings, but in a different order. Obviously.

Does that sound way too spiritual for you? Then listen up! When Cornelle asked the group ‘What does spirituality mean to you?’ one of the participants replied “All things floaty”. In other words, not with your feet on the ground anymore. “Let it be the opposite of what these rocks can do for you”, smiled Cornelle. “These rocks were dug from the earth and to be sure you feel connected with earth and yourself again you can wear a rock close to you.” If you think about it this way it actually makes a lot of sense.

All these elements vibrate due to electrons circling around the atoms. In other words, they tremble. Every rock has a different vibration, which in its turn has a positive effect on how you feel. So how do you choose? Simple. Follow your gut feeling. “Even when people order a rock from the website, they always choose right”, Charlotte explains. We’re attracted to certain colours that can alter throughout the day. Does changing clothes in the middle of the day sound familiar to you?

The rocks are differentiated not only by colour, but also by their intrinsic qualities. They’re like little guardians who look after us in a physical, psychological and of course spiritual way. They can calm you down; make you more creative or even ease throat ache. For those of you who’d like to take it to another level, every rock is also connected with one or more of our chakras. Don’t worry if you’re lost now. If you just like a rock because it’s pretty, that’s ok as well.

And then at the end something marvellous happened. Cornelle told each participant what rock would suit her/him. She hardly knew anyone. Her opinion was based on a few phrases uttered during the workshop and on what she felt. After 25years of experience and with a background in neurology she knows exactly what she’s doing. And although everyone found themselves in their chosen rock, some gemstones came in as a surprise. But what can first seem like a stone you might be exactly what you need.

Intrigued? Another workshop is coming up on 17 January in Antwerp. Check out Facebook to find out all details.
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