Selecting the right rock for yourself or to choose one as a gift may appear more difficult than it actually is.


A rock has numerous effects. LUCKY ROCKS focusses on the mental and emotional meaning of rocks. You will find the meaning of each rock listed on the website next to the rock.

You can also select a rock based on its colour. You will certainly be aware of how the colour makes you feel. There are colours that simply won’t do anything for you and there are colours that will instantly make you feel good.

Pick the rock which appeals to you the most.





Your gift will be delivered in a box with an extra postcard where you can write a personal message on.

Insert the postcard into the box after you've written it. You can easily close the box again.




Give your LR to his new owner. The rock comes with a brief explanation of the stone and how it should be worn.

The more detailed rock info can be found on our website as well as all the information about how to wear and take care of your rock.

  • Note:

    Every rock also has a physical impact. On our LUCKY ROCKS website we don't provide further information on the physical value of rocks. Would you like to find out more about this? Then we certainly highly recommend the books by Michael Gienger on the effects of rocks.There are also numerous good websites on the internet that can provide you with more information.

  • The medicinal effect attributed to rocks is merely complementary and must never be used as a substitute for traditional medical science. LUCKY ROCKS does not accept any responsibility and cannot be held liable for the effect or the radiation of the rocks.





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