Citrine spreads positive vibes

Happiness is about finding joy everyday. Citrine is a great gift to stimulate
positivity, to bring energy and to promote self-confidence.

Finding place: Brazil

Give it to empower someone’s optimism.

Rock care: Citrine can be cleaned and recharged in various ways but may discolour as a result of (intense) sunlight.

Gift info: Your gift comes on a card with the meaning of the rock, finding place and rock care info, packed in a beautiful natural cotton bag.

 Each rock is a piece of nature, handpicked with care. Your LR is unique and has limited availability.
  If you are not sure to have picked the right rock or size? Don't worry, you can use our 30 money-back return policy.


Your gift will be delivered in a gift box with an extra postcard where you can write a personal message on.

Every rock is unique and has been selected with utmost care. That is why color and texture might differ from the picture. Prices VAT included.

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