Rock Care

Cleaning rocks

Rocks absorb negative energy from their environment, and the extent to which this occurs will depend upon the rock. It is important to clean your rock from time to time. A useful guideline is to clean your rock every 4-6 weeks. If you are used to wearing rocks, then you yourself will start to feel when its effect is wearing off and when it is time to clean it. There are several methods of cleaning rocks. Naturally, the method that is most suitable will depend upon the rock. Please find below an overview of the two most commonly used cleaning methods.

Running water:

The first method to clean a rock is to hold it under cold running water for at least five minutes. You can just hold it under the tap, and of course you can also hold it in a stream or in the surf. This is one of the fastest cleaning methods but it is not suitable as a thorough cleaning method.

Please note: Water may damage certain types of rocks, and those must not be cleaned in water. This applies to the Lucky Rocks collection of Lapis Lazuli and Chrysocolla. We also recommend that you do not wash silver jewellery studded with rocks in water because the rocks could detach themselves.


You can also put a rock in the earth in order for it to lose its negative charge. This is a very gentle method that can safely be used for all rocks. Leave the rock in the earth for at least 24 hours. The longer the rock remains in the earth, the more thorough the cleaning.

Charging rocks

Rocks exude a positive effect by radiating their energy into their environment or to the person wearing it. This energy must regularly be recharged for optimum effect. By charging a rock, its effect can be strengthened or enhanced. Please find below the two simplest methods for charging rocks.


By placing the rock in the moonlight for at least 1 night (you can simply place it behind glass), the natural energy of the rock will be restored. This is a very gentle and safe method to recharge rocks.

The natural light of the full moon is particularly suitable for this purpose!

You can also recharge a rock by sunlight. However, this light is much stronger and not all rocks can withstand this. They may lose their colour due to the (strong) sunlight. We recommend that you avoid recharging your rock at midday, as the sunlight is then at its most powerful. Recharging your rock at sunrise or at sunset is a much gentler process.

Please note that we recommend that you do not recharge the following rocks from the Lucky Rocks collection in sunlight: Aquamarine & Citrine.


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